Month: June 2021

Things Get Fixed

I now have my bike back, and luckily it wasn’t too expensive to repair. This weekend wasn’t really a weekend. It seems like I spent to whole time working, but not really. It’s hard to explain.

When things break

I think I broke my bike. I’m not sure what happened exactly at this point. I think It’s my freewheel hub, but who knows. I don’t like my bike being broken, as I am still limited in my ability to run. Instead of waiting I hoped in the car almost immediately to get the bike

Mighty Moe

I don’t think I have really thought of a time when women weren’t allowed to run long distances. Sure, I knew that women weren’t allowed into the Boston Marathon, but I didn’t realize that there actually weren’t any sanctioned races for women longer than a 1.5 miles race. Apparently, it wasn’t feminine and your uterus

School Has Started

School has started again, which leaves some days a little busier than expected. Mondays are always busy, and I don’t know what happened to this weekend. Lol. I finished my USA Triathlon Coaching Level 1 certification. Yay! Go me. I need to really start trying to put out feelers for offering training services. I know

Book advice.

This book that I read today said that I should state specifics on what I want from my life. It said that if it related to money then I should state specifics on what I want, and let the universe work it’s magic. Okay, I can do that. Heck, it’s worked really well in the


My time this evening was distracted trying to figure out how I’m going to balance summer II classes. The professor for one of my classes changed. I’m very familiar with his teaching process, but I’ve never heard of this new professor. I had loaded up my summer course, and I’m trying to figure out if