You Can Be A Badass Everyday

Yes, there is a book with that same title. I actually listened to it this morning, and one of the take-a-ways was to try to journal 15minutes everyday. I have this blog, and it’s just sitting here with me not posting anything. I can usually come up with 15 minutes in the day to cruise social media or find some other way to waste my time. Why not start blogging again even if it is is free form with random thoughts here and there?

That is the new goal. Help keep me to it. Feel free to edit my typos or whatever to keep me coming back updating.

The last I posted here I was starting my 2021 miles for the year running journey. That was going quite well until I developed another stress fracture in mid-March. There is no way to safely catch up on the running miles at this point in the year. Therefore, I am combining my biking and run miles to complete the goal.

I am now on the mend, and starting to slowly build my running miles back. Running is very important to my mental well-being. I was lucky that during the most part of the my time off I was in the middle of A&P1 which kept me very occupied with a clear goal. I was happy that my effort paid off with an A in the class. I had been putting off taking Anatomy and Physiology for awhile. When I took the class during my first full time in person summer semester in college many many moons ago I got a not so good grade. It soured me… However, I am at a point where I am attempting to challenge myself as frequently as possible by putting myself in uncomfortable situations with the understanding that magical things can happen if I try, and nothing will happen if I don’t try.

I’m growing…. I’m just not sure how I’m growing right now. I’m attempting to communicate more. It’s something that despite all my anxieties that I can do well. I just need to start practicing more with people in person. The pandemic year has really allowed me to regress and in some ways complicated some of my social anxieties. I will just work to push past these hurdles.

I’m also working on a reading challenge for the year. Read 100 books. I’m currently making progress with 35 books down. So, what book should I read/listen to? To be honest I’m only reading school books. All other books are audio books. Does it really even matter these days?

4 Comments on “You Can Be A Badass Everyday”

  1. I haven’t finished a fiction book that wasn’t for kids in FOREVER. Most of what I end up reading anymore are cookbooks, kids books, knitting books and self-help books. I’ve got one in my bedside table that I’m not very far into and I still haven’t finished the new Allie Brosh book.

    • I haven’t heard of Allie Brosh. I will have to take a look. I have been going through lots of self-help and psychology oriented books. Then, I’ll switch to Sci-fi.