What do you see?

Today, much of my learning revolved around mindfulness and visualization, which flowed into the concept of grit. I don’t know how much grit I actually had as a younger person, but there have been phases in my life where I had lots of follow through, but in my mid-20’s my life was thrown off track, and I allowed myself to fall down into a depression that just kept sliding. I don’t know why I couldn’t fight my way out, and get back on track. I was in a totally new place, and I was working in a lab, but I knew that it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Instead, of continuing to try to find away back into a program similar to the one I was forced to leave. There were schools that offered a similar program that I could have work back into, but I didn’t push through. Instead, I dropped that passion and tried to follow something else. That just led me down a totally different path.

I had another goal that took a little less that 5 years to achieve, and I found myself continuing to search. I was happy, but I knew there was that little monster of depression and anxiety hanging back in my head. Then, in 2012 I started my fitness quest. Well, really I started trying to follow the Blue Zones principles. I sought out community. I started running, karate, and other athletic pursuits. I started eating better. All these things have contributed to me becoming a more healthy person. I finally see my passion, and I can visualize the outcome. There are a few hurdles that I can’t control. However, I’m going to attempt to stay on the path even if the path curves a bit.