What Is The Motivation?

Why are there some people who feel the need to make hateful and disrespectful comments to people who are just sharing their story, and trying to inspire others? I don’t understand this. What is the point?

I know it has become the culture to cut down people who might annoy you or might call you out. But why? Why not engage in a more constructive way or just don’t engage at all. Just move on. Why is it hard to find something positive to say to someone if you want to comment? It’s not. You can always find something kind to say if you really want to.

I’m making this observation based on comments directed at someone who has quite a following, and this person is learning to swim in the attempt to start triathlon. I’m super excited for this person. I’ve enjoyed watching this person overcome their fear of the water, and slowly gain more yardage with each training session. This person has to put up with so much hatred for just existing, and sharing their truth.

I can only imagine how I would react if I had this constant source of hatred thrown at me for being myself. It’s just wrong that we treat each other like this.