It Has Been Longer Than Expected

It’s been a bit longer than expected to get back to writing. I had to finish up my finals for summer courses, and I am now in an intensive 200 Yoga Teacher Training. Part of the Yoga training involves writing and checking in with an journal. We’ve seen how good I am at that. I’m not exactly the touchy feely type. I do understand compassion, mindfulness, and presenting information in an open and positive environment which is something that I really enjoy about this program. I always approached yoga as more of a physical movement practice. I’ve only been to one actual yoga class in person, and that teacher was very gruff in her teaching style. That was strange because outside of class she is a very sweet and gentle lady. She was also teaching classes to seniors. So, IDK. Perhaps it was we showed up, and were younger. J. enjoyed the class, but also thought it was funny that this teacher was rather gruff. I’m hoping to try to make some videos, and maybe in the not too distant future host some Zoom classes. I’m just trying to get comfortable with cuing. It’s very similar to teaching karate, but different. I really miss karate, but I’m not willing to take the chance of getting Covid-19 until more kids and people are vaccinated. It’s just doesn’t seem right, and it doesn’t help that I’ve had a back injury for the last 5 weeks. I’m able to at least move without pain, and able to start slowly riding my bike on the trainer. Well.. That’s my time for today.