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Today, I completed my yearly mammogram and ultrasound. I say yearly, but honestly I’ve pushed it back 8 months. I was always pretty good about getting my yearly exams, until I got a call back one year and then put on a 6 month diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound schedule. Then, I had to have two biopsies which turned out to be benign. I’m more than thankful and happy with the results, but it has caused severe anxiety to be associated with the this testing.

I tried to ask the scheduling department not to call me to schedule these any longer. I explained that it sets off a series of anxious responses that just cause me to put off the procedure even longer. The lady who I have worked with over these last 3-4 years was sympathetic, but it’s really out of her control. She’s just doing her job, and KP actually did a study about their call back strategy. It really does work to get people in for their yearly screenings. It unfortunately has the opposite effect for me. I am often well aware of when my screening are due, but I have to feel mentally prepared to proceed.

Luckily, after today’s procedures I received an all clear, which takes a huge weight off of me. The yoga class had been actually teaching some interesting coping techniques. They are very similar to mindfulness and meditation, but just a little different.

On another note I have had trouble sleeping for awhile. I’m usually okay when I can exercise vigorously. However I vigorous exercise took a break while my back was healing. During that time my sleep was very poor. I have figured out that 1/4 cup of tart cherry juice at bed time seems to send me into a really nice slumber. I actually tried it out for inflammation. However, I noticed the coincidence. I thought maybe it was a placebo, but apparently there has been a study that found it can improve sleep. So, that’s something interesting. Of course that shit is expensive. One bottle at the store was $12. Today, I found them on sale for $6.00. So, I bought them all.