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Another Year

Another year around the sun. It wasn’t really a spectacular day, but it was a day. I shouldn’t complain. I got my bike fixed, and I got to get some nice food at Costco. 🙂

Back to Yearly

Today, I completed my yearly mammogram and ultrasound. I say yearly, but honestly I’ve pushed it back 8 months. I was always pretty good about getting my yearly exams, until I got a call back one year and then put on a 6 month diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound schedule. Then, I had to have two


It’s strange to be offered a job out of the blue. I’m actually really honored, and part of me really wants the experience. However, I honestly don’t know what the job is. I politely declined, but it was brought up again today. I set up an appointment with the potential employer to discuss further over

I know I know

I know I have been falling behind on my writing goal. It’s been challenging as my classes are a little intense this week, and will be next week.

Did you know?

Did you know when you lay down for an empathy and compassion meditation and start to cry that the tears will go into your ears?

I’m not sure

I really don’t have much to say today. It’s windy, the cat seems very happy looking out the window, and I’m drinking coffee while I study for a test tomorrow. I’m waiting to go for my evening run, and contemplating a paper that I have to write. I’ve also been thinking about my first steps

Things Get Fixed

I now have my bike back, and luckily it wasn’t too expensive to repair. This weekend wasn’t really a weekend. It seems like I spent to whole time working, but not really. It’s hard to explain.