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Mighty Moe

I don’t think I have really thought of a time when women weren’t allowed to run long distances. Sure, I knew that women weren’t allowed into the Boston Marathon, but I didn’t realize that there actually weren’t any sanctioned races for women longer than a 1.5 miles race. Apparently, it wasn’t feminine and your uterus


My time this evening was distracted trying to figure out how I’m going to balance summer II classes. The professor for one of my classes changed. I’m very familiar with his teaching process, but I’ve never heard of this new professor. I had loaded up my summer course, and I’m trying to figure out if

Shall We Dance?

Today, I started watching the Last Dance on Netflix. I have had several professors recommend that I watch this documentary series. I’ve always loved basketball, but never really enjoyed watching others play the sport…. Okay, well I haven’t enjoyed watching men play the sport. I really enjoy watching ladies basketball. They are just two totally