Another Year

Another year around the sun. It wasn’t really a spectacular day, but it was a day. I shouldn’t complain. I got my bike fixed, and I got to get some nice food at Costco. 🙂

Back to Yearly

Today, I completed my yearly mammogram and ultrasound. I say yearly, but honestly I’ve pushed it back 8 months. I was always pretty good about getting my yearly exams, until I got a call back one year and then put on a 6 month diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound schedule. Then, I had to have two biopsies which turned out to be benign. I’m more than thankful and happy with the results, but it has caused severe anxiety to be associated with the this testing.

I tried to ask the scheduling department not to call me to schedule these any longer. I explained that it sets off a series of anxious responses that just cause me to put off the procedure even longer. The lady who I have worked with over these last 3-4 years was sympathetic, but it’s really out of her control. She’s just doing her job, and KP actually did a study about their call back strategy. It really does work to get people in for their yearly screenings. It unfortunately has the opposite effect for me. I am often well aware of when my screening are due, but I have to feel mentally prepared to proceed.

Luckily, after today’s procedures I received an all clear, which takes a huge weight off of me. The yoga class had been actually teaching some interesting coping techniques. They are very similar to mindfulness and meditation, but just a little different.

On another note I have had trouble sleeping for awhile. I’m usually okay when I can exercise vigorously. However I vigorous exercise took a break while my back was healing. During that time my sleep was very poor. I have figured out that 1/4 cup of tart cherry juice at bed time seems to send me into a really nice slumber. I actually tried it out for inflammation. However, I noticed the coincidence. I thought maybe it was a placebo, but apparently there has been a study that found it can improve sleep. So, that’s something interesting. Of course that shit is expensive. One bottle at the store was $12. Today, I found them on sale for $6.00. So, I bought them all.


It’s strange to be offered a job out of the blue. I’m actually really honored, and part of me really wants the experience. However, I honestly don’t know what the job is. I politely declined, but it was brought up again today. I set up an appointment with the potential employer to discuss further over the zoom. This way I’ll have all the details, and I can make a more informed decision. Chances are he’ll be making a better informed decision also. If it was simply a remote position I would be totally down to adding it to my responsibilities. However, it requires on site work and travel. Honestly, I’m not ready for that. It will be interesting to touch base and actually speak to the person further.

It Has Been Longer Than Expected

It’s been a bit longer than expected to get back to writing. I had to finish up my finals for summer courses, and I am now in an intensive 200 Yoga Teacher Training. Part of the Yoga training involves writing and checking in with an journal. We’ve seen how good I am at that. I’m not exactly the touchy feely type. I do understand compassion, mindfulness, and presenting information in an open and positive environment which is something that I really enjoy about this program. I always approached yoga as more of a physical movement practice. I’ve only been to one actual yoga class in person, and that teacher was very gruff in her teaching style. That was strange because outside of class she is a very sweet and gentle lady. She was also teaching classes to seniors. So, IDK. Perhaps it was we showed up, and were younger. J. enjoyed the class, but also thought it was funny that this teacher was rather gruff. I’m hoping to try to make some videos, and maybe in the not too distant future host some Zoom classes. I’m just trying to get comfortable with cuing. It’s very similar to teaching karate, but different. I really miss karate, but I’m not willing to take the chance of getting Covid-19 until more kids and people are vaccinated. It’s just doesn’t seem right, and it doesn’t help that I’ve had a back injury for the last 5 weeks. I’m able to at least move without pain, and able to start slowly riding my bike on the trainer. Well.. That’s my time for today.

I know I know

I know I have been falling behind on my writing goal. It’s been challenging as my classes are a little intense this week, and will be next week.

Did you know?

Did you know when you lay down for an empathy and compassion meditation and start to cry that the tears will go into your ears?

It’s a holiday?

I felt like it had only been a day since I posted, but apparently it has been 4 days. I had two tests on back to back days, and a paper that I needed to write. I’m really not a fan of writing papers, but I do appreciate that they challenge me.

It’s July 4th, but it doesn’t really feel like a holiday to me. For the most part I’m still living life as though we are in lock down. I’m mostly concentrating on school work for now, but a big part of me is wanting to race, swim, and go out like we used to.

It’s still so strange to see so many visitors here and see pictures of people on the mainland without masks in large groups. I get a bit squirrelly when I see a large group of people.

For now I’m training as though I’ll be racing this next year.

I’m not sure

I really don’t have much to say today. It’s windy, the cat seems very happy looking out the window, and I’m drinking coffee while I study for a test tomorrow. I’m waiting to go for my evening run, and contemplating a paper that I have to write. I’ve also been thinking about my first steps into a more professional online presence. I don’t know if Linkedin is really the best place these days, but I’m going to start there. I had an account many many years ago, but it’s gone for some time. I know it’s not much, but it’s a step. I already have my own website, but I feel that I need to get everything together more before trying to make a real push. That’s how I roll.

Where Do We Go From Here?

My summer schedule for school is quite interesting. I am currently taking a class related to the physiological changes of aging. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have gerascophobia, but I do admit not enjoying the thought of aging. I’m some where in between Dylan Thomas and Robert Browning when it comes to aging. Logically, I know to accept it, and honestly I don’t really do anything in an attempt to prevent it. However, I have always felt like I haven’t done enough. I still feel like a 16 year old, but at least now I have a more clear path on what I want to do. I think before I had a path, but I couldn’t clearly articulate what that path was. I just wanted something to do.

This is just in the background, and doesn’t really surface to often. I totally understand that it’s clinging, and I just need to acknowledge the emotion, but the class tends to bring up these thoughts. This initial section is mostly approaching the topic from a philosophical direction before we being to dive into actually biological changes.

In other news I decided to sign up for a yoga teaching course. I know I seem all over the place, but actually it falls in line with the plan. So, far it’s been really fun. I have to complete the course before Dec 31 in order to be certified with Yoga Alliance. I should be able to finish up everything by Sept. if I stick to the plan.

I’m excited by the teaching requirements of the course, and this will allow me to finally start making some videos. I’m trying to figure out how to get my coaching business started. I have been attempting this for some time, but I have a greater pressure to make it happen. I know I can do it….

Things Get Fixed

I now have my bike back, and luckily it wasn’t too expensive to repair. This weekend wasn’t really a weekend. It seems like I spent to whole time working, but not really. It’s hard to explain.